Digital communication

Digital communication. Many talk about it but few actually do it.

Should you be active on social media? If so, how? Is the current enthusiasm just a passing fad?

And more importantly, who can guide you toward your first steps?

Digital strategy

Are you confused about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ or Pinterest? Should you be present in the digital arena? What are the risks of losing control and what are the growth opportunities for your company? We’ll advise you and assist you with a turnkey service.

Company blog

Do you have ideas, news or opinions? Rather than limit them to your co-workers and clients, share them with the world. Your reputation will become stronger.

Every day, our analysts produce quality research, but this rich content remains limited to our own use.

In most companies. it’s not expertise that is missing to feed a blog. Quite the opposite! Unfortunately, most of the time, the people who have the business experience don’t have the time, and those who have the time and know-how to use these new tools are too inexperienced to be entrusted with such responsibility.

To allow your expertise to be better recognized, we create your own blog and leverage your research to rapidly write relevant posts.

By entrusting us with this mission, you will benefit both from our practical knowledge of the social web and our broad professional experience.

Social media

Social media is an efficient way to boost your image. But in this constantly evolving digital landscape, the risk of losing control or of making wrong decisions is high. It is probably better to entrust this sensitive mission to experienced specialists.

Facebook and Twitter would allow us to showcase our sponsoring activities and to communicate our point of view more widely and more rapidly. But we have no one in-house to whom we can entrust this responsibility…

We create your company pages on social media and we handle the regular copy-writing and publication of your posts. Depending the frequency you choose, we create content that fits your objectives and manage your social media accounts.

Our social media services:

  • Digital strategy consulting. We advise you realistically on the social media that best fits your situation, the content to create, and the appropriate tone of voice depending on the selected channel.
  • Full support and management. We create and design your company pages in accordance to your visual identity. We create and publish content with the chosen frequency, either using information provided by you (news, publications, photos, videos, etc…), or developing original content.
Content Marketing

By creating quality content, you position yourself as an opinion leader and establish a positive brand image, while increasing your authority with search engines.

Since we started to regularly publish added value content, our research is better showcased and our image has improved among our different audiences.

Writing editorials, sharing your research, developing your story-telling allows you to be considered as an opinion leader by the media and by your peers.

By multiplying hook points and links, social media and blogs are also valuable for your search engine optimization work, in particular for on-line reputation management.

In order to establish your credibility and help you control your image, we assist you in creating your company’s social media pages and keeping them alive with frequently updated content, in launching your own corporate blog, and in regularly publishing your research and opinions.