Traditional communication

“Traditional” communication forms the backbone of your identity.

But for words not to ring hollow, they must have real meaning.

Understanding your business well in order to express your difference and establish a strong image – this is our expertise.

Strategic consulting

Benefit from our 20 years of experience to establish your communication strategy and clarify your positioning. Creating a clear image is first about communicating your difference.


Of course, a company brochure needs an attractive design. But above all it needs a structure that will take the reader on a journey, copy that will make him want to know more. We help you tell your story with content that avoids clichés and respects your trade.


Your analysts and economists write expert opinion pieces that deserve to be showcased and transformed into research publications, periodic reports or white papers, which you will then be able to send to your different audiences and to the media. Give us your raw material and we will transform it into ready-to-use, finished products.


Writing for the web cannot be simply duplicating the content of your corporate brochure. The reading habits of short-attention-span web users demand a specific approach, with shorter text and a more direct writing style.

And, thanks to our 20-year experience, you can rely on us to develop financial websites that provide dynamic content, fully compliant with current regulations.

Media articles

Likewise, writing for the press is a specific exercise, with a different style and code. Thanks to our long experience and an in-depth knowledge of your activity, we will make technical issues understandable to a wide audience. We’ll put your ideas together to create articles that will be enjoyable to read and will enhance your image.

Press releases

Publishing a media release means communicating information while respecting a highly codified format in order to maximize chances that it will be picked up by the media. Focusing on the essence, finding the phrase that will leave a mark and knowing how to prioritize information – that’s our forte.

Crisis communications

When your current affairs are of a sensitive nature, communication becomes more complex. How should you respond in a crisis? Should you react or weather the storm? How should you act toward the different stakeholders : media, clients and co-workers? We will help you devise a strategy best suited to the situation.

Communications platforms – Q&A

In order to communicate on problematic issues, good preparation is essential. Thanks to our long experience and our external perspective, we will develop the strategy to follow, define the role of each participant, and prepare appropriate answers to potentially difficult questions.