Identité visuelle Forum Finance
Identité visuelle Forum Financeagefi_2016-05-09_lun_01-teaser

Forum Finance

The Forum Finance Group is an independent asset management company, that is ranked among the Top 10% independent asset managers in Switzerland.

In order to support the development projects, Forum Finance hired us to review their positionming and visual identity. Indeed, Forum Finance intends to become a key player in the indendent asset management field, at a time when this industry goes through an intense consolidation process.

After a workshop designed to determine their values, positioning and image objectives, we worked with S agency to review the logo, define a consistent visual universe and implement all the communication material (corporate design, stationery, colour palette, lay-out and design of the financial publications).

We also defined the marketing messages by conceiving a new corporate presentation.

Lastly, we manage their media relations program (writing and sending out press releases, organising interviews), as well as their company blog and social media accounts.